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APE Blunt - Alien OG 2.2 gram


THC - 34,39%


Alien OG is strong hybrid marijuana strain. The strain is also called Alien OG Kush because of its parents.


APE Blunt Hybrid Alien OG is descended from the Alien Kush and Tahoe OG phenotypes. When smoking Alien OG, olfactory and taste buds understand why this strain belongs to the OG family. It is typical coniferous-earthy aroma with a distinct aftertaste of citrus like lemon or lime.


The effect from Alien OG will not be long in coming. It excites the body and speeds up thoughts. Then comes a powerful relaxation of muscles. Beginners should try Alien OG in small portions.

APE Blunt Alien OG - 2.2 gram

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