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Introducing Wedding Cake, a 1.3g preroll crafted for the ultimate cannabis aficionado. Infused with premium Hash Rosin and dusted with kief, each roll serves as your passport to an extraordinary experience.Taste and Aroma: Enjoy the intricate blend of earthy, sweet, and fruity flavors that embody the essence of Wedding Cake. Its inviting aroma is a fragrant blend of vanilla and spices, promising a multi-layered sensory experience.Unique Effects: This preroll offers a versatile range of effects that start with cerebral upliftment, transitioning into a calm body relaxation. It’s a balance that appeals to both recreational and medicinal users.Optimal For: Whether you’re looking to engage in creative ventures or unwind with powerful relaxation, Wedding Cake prerolls offer the versatility you crave.

Ape-Joint - 1.3g - Wedding Cake

$19.90 Regular Price
$13.93Sale Price
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