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Introducing ZKittlez, a premium 1.3g preroll that’s more than just a treat; it’s an experience. Infused with high-quality Hash Rosin and dusted with kief, you’re in for a smoking session that combines finesse and potency. Taste and Aroma: ZKittlez features a complex blend of flavors. Start with the aromatic hints of sweet tropical earth and herbal nuances, then prepare your palate for a berry burst followed by a tropical citrus aftertaste that lingers delightfully. Unique Effects: While this Indica-dominant hybrid has a relatively moderate THC level, don’t underestimate its effects. Initiate your journey with an uplifting head buzz that nurtures creativity, without tipping into anxiety. The experience mellows into a relaxing body sensation, touching you down to your fingertips yet keeping you fully mobile. Optimal For: ZKittlez shines in treating a range of conditions, from chronic pain and mild depression to insomnia and anxiety. It offers a balance that appeals to both recreational users and those seeking therapeutic relief.

Ape-Joint - 1.3g - Zkittlez

$19.90 Regular Price
$13.93Sale Price
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