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APE Prerolls - Purple Haze 3.5 gram


THC - 43.23%


Purple Haze captivates with its rich, berry-like flavors and subtle hints of spice, creating a vivid and memorable taste experience. Its aroma is a mix of sweet berries and earthy notes, offering a burst of euphoria and creativity. This strain is celebrated for its energizing effectsuplifting the mind while gently relaxing the body.

Conveniently packaged in a week pack, the 7 Diamond Infused Mini Joints feature premium flower tightly packed into natural rolling paper. Each joint is infused with THCa diamonds, enhancing the overall experience. Ideal for cannabis connoisseurs, this pack ensures easy enjoyment throughout the week.

APE Purple Haze (7 infused prerolls) 3.5 gram

$49.90 Regular Price
$34.93Sale Price
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