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APE Cartridge - NY Cheesecake 1.1 gram


THC - 95.4%


NY Cheesecake strain is an even balance between Sativa and Indica (50/50).


The smell and taste offered by this kush are intense and exactly the same as described by the strain’s name. A strong aroma comes with this plant, as notes of citrus, mango, and mint make their way to the smokers’ noses. Violet, vanilla, grape, tea, and nutty notes burst through users’s palates, making them feel as if they actually smoke a piece of this famous dessert.


This delicious smell will keep people coming back again and again. As the bottom layer of odors, skunk, tobacco, tar, and diesel hints may be detected to a little extent.

APE Cartridge NY Cheesecake - 1.1 gram

$55.00 Regular Price
$34.90Sale Price
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