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100 mg per jar


Step into a soothing world with our Watermelon Sugar High Cannabis-Infused Gummies. Each pack contains 10 gummies, a blissful blend of watermelon flavor and calming effects. Designed for those seeking tranquility and comfort, these gummies are your ticket to a relaxed, sleep-inducing, and appetite-boosting experience.

Crafted with care, each Cannabis-Infused Gummy is an invitation to unwind. The luscious watermelon taste combines perfectly with the serene benefits of cannabis, providing a gentle, sleepy, and satisfied state. Whether you’re looking to ease into a peaceful night or simply need to slow down, these gummies are your ideal companions for a mellow journey.

Watermelon Sugar High — 10 Cannabis-Infused Gummies (35g)

$29.90 Regular Price
$24.90Sale Price
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